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Defining weavers

Needs for this page: 
* what makes someone get involved in a campaign? 
* What makes network members feel included? What do they need?  

Other network actor discussions on the wiki: 
* Leaders
* Members
network weaving.
Network weavers are individuals with the energy and ability to connect network members. They bring people together to take advantage of network resources, and make sure communications are working smoothly. Weavers are often individuals who like working with others. They know and remember lots of people, and are excited to make new connections.

Weaver Characteristics

Examples of effective weavers

We're still in the process of gathering examples on the case studies page, after which we'll start linking to those illustrative of strong weavers here. Add your examples below or on the case studies page!

Building weavers

  • Landscape the network to flesh out greatest needs for 'weaving'. Are there certain groups or individuals that clearly need to be connected, for example?
  • Identify actors, communities and activities the weaver should 'connect'.
  • Encourage weavers to get to know network members well. Talk and build relationships with members.
  • Watch for key moments around which weaver can play essential bridge-building role.
  • Track metrics to demonstrate weaver success, including number of new ties, how often people ask for help, how comfortable people feel asking for help, etc. This is well done through surveys.
  • Watch for smaller spin-off communities weaver can foster. Can they recruit point-people for smaller communities within the broader

Evaluating weavers

The following questions can help you investigate the strength of your network social ties...

  • Overview of some handy evaluation tools
  • Are there network weavers? Are they appointed or self-assigned?
  • What do weavers do? How do they know what to do?
  • Do weavers work with the entire community, or subsets of the community?
  • What culture keeps them in charge?
  • What values, skills experiences are necessary for them to get their job done?

Q&A and Tips

Ask questions of other network builders on the this page's 'discussion' page (follow the tab at the top of this page). We'll pull highlights into this space.

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