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Defining vision

Needs for this page: 
* tips for identifying common goals within communities
* tips for using common goals to inspire collaboration

Other network characteristics discussed on the wiki: 
* Social Ties
* Commmon Story
* Shared Resources
* Communications
* Feedback
Network members share a common vision.
Network members must have a clear and common sense of how the world will be different as a result of the network’s work. This vision must be evaluated, ranked and refined by network members. The network must have a sense of potential contradictions and compromises, and how to deal with them.

Examples of strong vision

We're still in the process of gathering examples on the case studies page, after which we'll start linking to those illustrative of strong vision here. Add your examples below or on the case studies page!

Building vision

  • Share the vision through network materials. Share this narrative frequently.
  • Define what's necessarily "in" or "out" of the vision. Discuss what must be commonly shared between network members. Know which are are open for interpretation. Note that many networks don't necessarily know the answers to all of these questions up front. Rather, members and leaders often use a "gut sense" of what's in and what's out, and establish various processes for more formally responding to anything that arises that goes against that sense.
  • Define processes for expanding or enforcing the vision when necessary - for example when a new member wants to join the group with a different view of success.
  • Reinforce vision through network events and activities - for example, by enabling participants to bring their own skills and experiences to bear in the creation of a product or message for the network. See Chevy Tahoe example.
  • Post, share and vote on new ideas to grow the network.
  • WHAT ELSE? Please continue to add to this list...

Evaluating vision

The following questions can help you investigate your network vision...

  • Overview of some handy evaluation tools
  • Is there a clear, articulated vision? What is it?
  • What are the "breaking points" for this vision? Which beliefs are essential? Which are optional?
  • Does the network have a clear strategy for working towards this vision? Are the right people "in the room" to achieve it?
  • What will success look like? How will the network know when the desired change has been achieved?
  • Evaluation tools
  • WHAT ELSE? Please continue to add to this list...

Q&A and Tips

Ask questions of other network builders on the this page's 'discussion' page (follow the tab at the top of this page). We'll pull highlights into this space.

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